I  have been involved in different projects and I will be using this page to share some of them.

  1. Books: Yeah, I do write book also. I have written two books presently – one with a friend and the other one alone – and one is in print now. The one in print focuses on helping serving Youths Corps Members maximize their service year. The title is “Maximising Your Service Year“. If this interests you or you will like to be a distributor, get in touch. We will be able to arrange something :).
  2. My 1001 Days project: I would be starting a new project in the next few days (from 01 August 2013). I am really excited about this and it is about 101 tasks I will be completing in 1001 days. These tasks are specific with a result that is clearly defined.  This list will be a mish-mash of banal and overly ambitious tasks, but, hey, I have over 3 years to complete the project. So, you can join me!
  3. Mobile Monday Nigeria: I am always looking for ways to help develop the Nigeria tech. ecosystem. So, Mobile Monday Nigeria is the answer. I am working with great minds to achieve this. Interested in knowing what we are doing? Visit Mobile Monday Nigeria website.
  4. MoMo Developer Academy (MDA): This is an initiative of Mobile Monday Nigeria and is WIP. Details will be available shortly.
  5. People & Business Development:  Are you a start-up and you need help in jump-starting your idea? Do you want to rise to the top of your career ladder? Drop me a line and I can revert back to you as soon as possible. I currently provide consulting services to start-ups and /or to people who want to take their careers to the next level.
  6. Business School Application Tips: In December 2003, I took the decision to go for an MBA. However, I didn’t take GMAT until October 2005. I scored a 650 (90th Percentile). This is not a bad score considering the fact that I studied for the GMAT without the assistance of an expensive test prep class over the course of 21 days. Moreover, I did not only submit my applications to 3 top schools in US without the help of any admission consultant, I also got admission to one of the top MBA schools. I, therefore, decided to share my business school application experience with future MBA applicants. Hence, the reason behind MBAXPLOIT . I do hope that this blog will serve as a study guide for future GMAT test takers, MBA applicants and MBAs. One thing I am sure of is the fact that you do not need to purchase expensive test prep services to do well on the GMAT nor do u need to secure the help of a MBA admission consultant to get admission to your DREAM school! So, if you are considering going for your MBA or you have started the process, then you need to bookmark mbaxploit.comUpdate: This blog is currently offline and I am working at bringing it back up as soon as possible.

I will be adding some more projects shortly as I embark on them.

One comment on “Projects
  1. Tosin Ogunmola says:

    Keep moving on up brother!
    How is the family, work and everything?
    We will not only get there, we’ll surpass it and set new records; AMEN.
    Kindly keep me posted on the ThinkNigeria project. I have an undying passion for this country and I’ll like to be part of anything and everything that will lift her up to the rightful place . . .
    Enjoy your day.